Therapeutic effects

Patients suffering from long-term, very troublesome pain and restricted mobility find that treatment and healing bring significant improvement to their condition and elimination of previous subjective problems. The symptoms in the affected area often entirely disappear.

Last but not least, shockwave therapy is successfully used to treat painful damage of highly worn tissue and post-injury conditions in competitive athletes. As the health care partner for the Mladá Boleslav soccer team, we continue to further develop our experience in this area.

Therapeutic effects

Shockwave therapy treats the musculoskeletal system with a high efficacy rate (up to 95%). This efficacy rate, which is wholly unprecedented in medicine, has been demonstrated by the results of studies and experience in Germany and Switzerland and our own practice has confirmed it.

Shockwave therapy acts by dissolving calcified fibroblasts and improves tissue circulation and metabolism, which leads to its gradual healing. Healing takes several weeks or months depending on the given diagnosis.

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