Paid treatment

In 2006, our clinic became a reference clinic for the Czech Republic in the specialization of shockwave therapy. We take part in educating and training doctors, introducing new procedures and treating new diseases and ailments using shockwave therapy. We have been acknowledged by EMS as the most progressive shockwave therapy clinic in Central Europe.

Procedures not reimbursed by health insurance

(Prices are in CZK unless stated otherwise)

Shockwave application

– High-energy probe
– 1,000 CZK (per visit)
– Performed by a trained doctor
– 6 applications are recommended
– Piezoelectric focused wave
– 3,000 CZK (per visit)
– 3 applications are recommended

ORTHOKINE treatment fixed 33,000 CZK
– 6 injections are applied over a period of 6 weeks

Sportvis 2,000 CZK (per injection)
– Application of hyaluronic acid
– 2 injections are applied over 2-3 days

Renehavis 4,000 CZK (per application)
– 1–2 applications, one week apart, are recommended

– 2,000 CZK per injection

Orthopaedic procedures
– Lightweight plastic immobilization (instead of a conventional cast)
Finger 300 CZK
Hand and wrist 800 CZK
Ankle and toes 1,000 CZK
Entire lower limb CZK 1,800

Surgical procedures
Suture using tissue adhesive 1,000 CZK
(Wound adhesion instead of conventional suture)

Payment may also be made using vouchers, Benefit Plus cards or credit cards.

Dr. Dalibor Zeman

Standard examinations and treatment including x-rays at our clinic are reimbursed by public health insurance. We have contracts with the following health insurance companies: VZP, OZP, MV ČR and ČPZP. We also treat patients with Vojenské zdravotní pojišťovny insurance in acute cases.