1. Arthritis associated with stage 1-3 large joint arthrosis – knees, shoulders, hips, elbows
2. Painful lumbar, thoracic and cervical spinal syndromes (disc prolapse, compression cervical radiculopathy (pinched nerve), lumbar disc protrusion, prolapse and stenosis, spinal osteoarthritis)
3. Arthrosis in the small joints of the hands and feet
4. Post-operative and post-fracture conditions – knee and shoulder arthroscopy, cruciate ligament or meniscus surgery
5. Muscle ruptures, tendonitis, including Achilles’ tendon, post-operative conditions after Achilles tendon surgery


6 applications (injections) 1-2 times per week.


EUR 1,200 for the entire treatment package consisting of 6 injections (can be paid in CZK per the current exchange rate)

What is Orthokine?

Orthokine is a biological method used to treat the musculoskeletal system that uses the molecular property of blood serum. The method has been duly registered and used since 1998 in Germany and has gradually spread to other countries in Europe and around the world. In the Czech Republic this method has been used in certified centres for almost 2 years. To date this method has been used to treat more than 400,000 patients around the world. Orthokine treatment is based on use of the patient’s own biological material – blood serum, which is obtained through cultivation and processing of the patient’s vascular blood. It is then applied into the given joint 1 to 2 times per week.

The Orthokine method utilizes the following properties of modified blood serum:
1. Significant anti-inflammatory effect: the many-fold higher volume of anti-inflammatory components eliminates pain and inflammation in the joint
2. High regeneration potential: significantly increased volume of several growth factors stimulates preserved, natural regeneration activity
3. Supports production of a collagen net in areas where natural regeneration is significantly decreased or entirely lacking


Over the course of 6 applications of Orthokine, inflammatory activity decreases with pain reduction experienced by 90-95% of patients and a reduction in joint stiffness with increased mobility experienced by up to 80% of patients. Over the first 6 months, 80% of patients see a continuation of improvement in their condition, reduction in pain and subsidence of joint problems of more than 30%. In 60% of patients, the effect at the end of the regeneration phase is still present two years later.


1. Original German method – provided only in certified clinics
2. Uses the body’s own biological material and healing potential, which results in a minimum of adverse effects compared to other treatment methods
3. Least invasive method, only one venipuncture for the 6-week treatment
4. Heals inflammation, improves mobility and eliminates joint and back pain long-term
5. Supports regeneration of soft tissue
6. Shortens the recovery period after injury and surgery of joints, muscles and ligaments