Our patients

We have a therapy efficacy rate of up to 95%.
We prevent the need for risky surgical procedures.
We use high frequency radial shockwaves. We are the only clinic in the CR with a Power plus head with tissue depth penetration of 10-15 cm.
We treat top athletes: soccer players, hockey players, runners and others as well as well known social and cultural persona.
We are located in Říčany on the outskirts of Prague and are accessible by public transport.

Our patients

We have patients from practically very age group – including athletes, whose musculoskeletal systems “suffer” more and are often damaged by intense use, to older patients, whose diagnoses primarily stem from degenerative tissue and joint changes to which their musculoskeletal systems are naturally predisposed. Our clinic also offers effective help to other patients suffering from problems specified in the Indications section.

We also provide general outpatient and injury surgery medical services. We use modern technology, instruments and medical supplies:

  • For example, we offer 3M – Scotchcast™ and Soft Cast™, which are lightweight, plastic immobilization alternatives to conventional casts or splints.
  • We also use DERMABOND by ETHICON, a new type of medical adhesive, for mending open lacerated wounds. DERMABOND is a modern alternative fully applicable to most situations that would otherwise require surgical suturing. DERMABOND is also available for purchase in our clinic with basic instructions for use by laypersons.

Unfortunately, radial shockwave therapy is not covered by health insurance companies as this treatment method is not included in the list of procedures covered by health insurance companies. Given that this therapy requires use of very costly equipment, our clinic is forced to require payment from patients (payment can also be made using vouchers, Benefit Plus cards or credit cards.)

Standard examinations and treatment in our clinic including x-rays are reimbursed by public health insurance. We have contracts with the following health insurance companies: VZP, OZP, MV ČR, ČPZP and VoZP ČR.

Our patients

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