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In our clinic we use shockwave therapy to treat all types of patients, including top athletes - soccer players, hockey players, runners and others - as well as well known social and cultural persona.

Lou Fanánek Hagen,
Lead singer of the Tři sestry music band

Lou Fanánek Hagen,
Lead singer of the Tři sestry music band

I had a lot of pain from tennis elbow for about a year. Injections gave me only temporary relief. I tried laser and ultrasound therapy, but nothing helped. Then I had 6 shockwave therapy applications from Dr. Zeman in Říčany and I haven’t felt any pain for several months. After my experience and recommendations, other band members from Tři sestry are now underdoing similar successful treatment here.

Jaroslav P., Pardubice

I am a doctor, I’m 55 years old and I suffered from pain in both heels and my left shoulder for several years. Since having shockwave therapy a year ago, I have been symptom free – shockwave therapy took care of my seemingly unresolvable problems.

Antonín V., Liberec

I had very bad pain in both knees for many years and got various injections in the orthopaedic department. I am 75 years old and I have arthrosis like many people my age. After shockwave therapy I felt much better. My pain decreased and now I can even go up and down stairs.

Daniel J., Říčany

I used to compete at a high level in the sport of orienteering. I suffered from pain in my Achilles’ tendons for years and it hindered my activity. Then my right Achilles snapped and I had surgery. On the recommendation of some athlete friends I underwent shockwave therapy in Říčany. The condition of both Achilles’ tendons improved dramatically.

David F., Plzeň, 62 years old

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Dr. Zeman of Říčany, who took care of me after I had ankle surgery. After a bad injury caused by a fall from a roof, my ankle was very swollen and I couldn’t move it. After several shockwave therapy applications the swelling subsided and I was able to move my ankle much better. Now I can walk without crutches and I’m even getting ready to go skiing.

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