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Osteo Klouby Klinik

Annoy you heel spurs, tennis elbow, arthrosis, tendonitis or joint pain?

We can help!

Our clinic specializes in non-invasive treatment of the musculoskeletal system and has an in-house x-ray facility.

We focus primarily on shockwave therapy, biological treatment using blood serum and other non-invasive musculoskeletal system treatment methods.

Since 2004, Dr. Dalibor Zeman’s clinic has been treating patients with unique therapy methods that heal the tissue and eliminate pain within several weeks with efficacy of up to 95%. Since 2006, our clinic has been a reference clinic for the Czech Republic.

Dr. Dalibor Zeman

Shockwave therapy

Since February 2015, we have offered our patients a completely new form of treatment – focused shockwave therapy from EMS. We have the only shockwave therapy unit of its kind in the Czech Republic: the Piezoclast, the latest device from EMS.

The Orthokine Method

This method uses the patient’s own biological material for treatment. The patient’s own venous blood is extracted, cultivated, processed and then applied to the given joint 1-2 times per week.

Lou Fanánek Hagen

Lou Fanánek Hagen

Lead singer of the Tři sestry music band

I had a lot of pain from tennis elbow for about a year. Injections gave me only temporary relief. I tried laser and ultrasound therapy, but nothing helped …

Jaroslav P.


I am a doctor, I’m 55 years old and I suffered from pain in both heels and my left shoulder for several years. Since having shockwave therapy a year ago, I have been symptom free. Shockwave therapy took care of my seemingly unresolvable problems.


We have the longest-standing experience in the Czech Republic!

Although shockwave therapy became available in the early 1990s in other parts of the world, it is still a relatively new form of treatment in the Czech Republic. Our clinic was one of the first to introduce this modern method in the CR for treatment of post-injury conditions, joint sprains, muscle and joint contusions, post-fracture conditions, non-healing fractures and pseudoarthrosis. It is used particularly after joint ligament injuries and arthroscopy and for treating post-injury healing problems, bunions and outgrowths on the limbs and many other indications.