Lubricates your joints and nourishes cartilage. Condrotide™ is helpful if you have trouble walking, your joints ache, you have pain while doing sports or if you have osteoarthritis.  

Condrotide™ is an original preparation based on polynucleotide (a polymer acid found in nature), which is derived from fish.

Owing to its viscoelastic and lubricating properties, Condrotide™ helps renew the physiological condition of joints. By improving the property of the synovial fluid, Condrotide™ protects joints and uses a physiological mechanism to renew joint cartilage. These properties help renew joint function and reduce painful symptoms.

This product is registered by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic and its efficacy has been demonstrated in a clinical study with more than 55,000 satisfied patients. The product has earned a CE certificate.