Benefits of shockwave therapy

Selection of the most suitable treatment method is based on treatment efficacy and subjective patient acceptability of the treatment (along with counter indication criteria).

  • Efficacy of the new method: based on experience and studies in Germany and Switzerland, the efficacy of shockwave therapy is about 95%. This figure, which is unheard of in medicine and unparalleled by other methods, has been confirmed by our own practice.
  • Radial shockwave therapy is accepted very well, primarily due to its non-invasive nature, notable tolerance and insignificant adverse effects (e.g. local swelling, bruises, temporary increased sensitivity around the application point). It does not take long – the application itself takes just a few minutes and does not require any special patient care – the patient can carry out his regular activities without any restrictions. Since the treatment is pain free, it does not require any local or other anaesthesia.

This new method is developing very rapidly, which means that what held a few years ago is no longer valid or has changed. The number of diagnoses and diseases that can be treated with shockwave therapy is increasing very quickly. For most diseases the treatment is causal (i.e. it eliminates the cause) but it is symptomatic for some diseases such as advanced arthritis (pain relief). In the Czech Republic and in Germany, this therapy can be used for back pain, rheumatic diseases, knee, shoulder and joint arthrosis and other musculoskeletal diseases, including post-injury conditions and post-operative conditions. The most common indications are listed in the Indications section.