A-PRP & HA method


1 – 3 injection treatments


CZK 10,000 per injection treatment

A-PRP & HA Method

This is an autologous platelet-rich plasma treatment that uses the hydration effect of hyaluronic acid. It is a new approach to treating injuries and inflammation of tendons, arthrosis, Achilles tendon inflammation, tennis elbow and golf elbow.

Product characteristics

The philosophy of this treatment is to combine the most modern technology with the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The process uses the patient’s own blood, from which blood plasma is extracted. The resulting substance is applied to the affected area, where the platelet-rich plasma acts as an accelerator of the healing and growth process. The platelets release substances known as growth factors. The same reaction occurs in the human body e.g. after a cut – the organism uses platelets to hasten healing and seal the wound.

The treatment is not designed as a quick remedy; it is a longer-term process that requires time and rehabilitation.

A scientific study about the efficacy of PRP treatment on tennis elbow was published in the American Journal of Sport Medicine in 2006. The treatment showed excellent results in 90% of the studied cases and no further surgical intervention was necessary (American Journal of Sport Medicine, November 2006).

Hyaluronic acid (HA)

  • binds to water and increases volume
  • stimulates migration of skin cells
  • renews and internally hydrates skin

Autologous platelet-rich plasma (A-PRP)

  • increases collagen production
  • improves skin elasticity, tone and thickness
  • stimulates differentiation and proliferation (growth)
  • triggers angiogenesis (formation of new blood vessels and capillaries)
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Benefits of treatment

  • Patients can expect a significant reduction in pain and stiffness and improved mobility
  • Accelerates and shortens the therapeutic process in recovery from acute, chronic and degenerative diseases

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